1967 Ford Mustang Coupe Restoration Planning and Organizing

Planning and Organizing

A wise friend pointed out that car restorations are massive projects, so take it one step at a time.

Switchback Project is an adaptation of the They Might Be Racing Frame-Off Project Planning Guide. There are several books, web posts, and YouTube videos related to restoring a classic Mustang, but generally, they described a piece of the project, not a grand overview. This is my first restoration project, They Might Be Racing provides a complete framework, for the whole project.

Restoration Method

The Mustang is in pretty good shape but has been sitting for 25+ years, so this with be a Frame-Off Restoration.

In-Situ Restoration (or Rolling Restoration) assumes a working driveable vehicle.1

Frame-Off Restoration assumes nothing. The vehicle may be in any condition from running to complete basket case. In doing a frame-off restoration you have the time to take the vehicle off the road for an indefinite amount of time.2

Project Outcome

Switchback Project is an 80/20 restoration, 80% Stock Restoration, and 20% Resto-Mod.

Planned Mods

  • Rear Lights - Tail Light 3-Bulb Conversion
  • Front Brakes - Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit V8 Mustang
  • Hood - Replacement
  • Premium-Quality Hood Hinge
  • LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control (Floor Pan and Roof)
  • Headrest Kit Standard
  • 3-Point Retractable Seat Belts
  • Radio & Speaker System

Stock Restoration - From a planning perspective, this is the easiest. You already know, down to each and every nut, exactly what the vehicle will look like. If you can find the original shop manual for the car and pair that with the technical services bulletin then it will not only be stock, but you'll be able to incorporate all the fixes and repairs that would have been done at the factory.3

Resto-Mod - Resto-Mods are highly varied. What differentiates them is the number of items on the vehicle that wouldn't have been present in a stock vehicle. Some of these are minor items, which won't be noticed by anyone other than a competitive judge. Others may be very obvious, like putting a completely different motor in the car. Many of my restorations straddle the stock/resto-mod line. They have basic safety upgrades that drastically improve the vehicle, but still, remain true to the original car. Some good examples of this are Brake system upgrades (converting drum to disk brakes, installing a dual master cylinder instead of a single), Basic safety upgrades (adding or improving seat belts, adding an extra or brighter set of brake lights) and simple power/performance/efficiency upgrades (better spark coils, bigger carburetors, MSD ignitions, 6 to 12-volt conversions).4

Project Breakdown

  • Externals and Accessories
    • Manuals and Guides
    • License Plates and Frames
    • Hub Caps
    • Spare Wheel, Jack and Related Parts
  • Surface Electrics
    • Front Lighting, Wiring, and Attaching Hardware
    • Taillights and Related Hardware
    • Misc
  • Fuel System
    • Gas Tank
    • Fuel Lines
    • Fuel Sender
    • Fuel Pump
  • Exhaust System
    • Exhaust Pipes
  • Interior Soft Components
    • Seats
    • Hardboard Interior Parts
    • Glued interior parts
    • Trunk
  • Brightwork
    • Chrome, Stainless, Aluminum
  • Interior Hard Components
    • Metal panels and shields
    • Dashboard
    • Under-dash Items
    • Floor Pan
  • Front-End Accessories
    • Horn(s)
    • Radiator and Cooling System
    • Oil and Transmission cooler
    • Wipers and Windshield Washer
    • Heater
    • Other local components
    • Air Cleaner assembly and Carburetor
    • Alternator / Generator
    • Fan and Water Pump assembly
    • Exhaust Manifold
    • Distributor
    • Starter
    • Emissions Controls
  • Glass
    • Door Windows
    • Windshield and Rear Window
    • Headliner5
  • Outer Body Shell
    • Hood and Trunk
    • Frontend
    • Rearend
  • Engine and Transmission
  • Suspension and Brakes
    • Front Suspension and Brakes
    • Rear Suspension and Brakes

Cleaning and Inventory

Cleaning and Inventory, assess what you have and what you will/might need.

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Assembly Manuals

1967 Ford Mustang Engine Equipment Assembly Manual Reprint

1967 Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury Engine Assembly Manual Reprint

This is a reprint of Ford's original factory exploded diagrams and illustrations. This guide will covers items like air cleaners, fuel pumps and lines, heater hoses, pulleys, alternators, emissions, fans and fan shrouds.

1967 Ford Mustang Interior Assembly Manual Reprint

1967 Ford Mustang Interior Assembly Manual Reprint

This reprinted manual shows you exploded views of the interior of your car and includes original part numbers. Use this manual to help you disassemble or reassemble the interior, and/or to help identify parts that may be missing or incorrect.

1967 Ford Mustang Electrical Assembly Manual Reprint 1967 Ford Mustang Electrical Assembly Manual Reprint

This reprinted manual shows you detailed illustrations of your car's electrical system and power accessories. In addition to conventional linear wiring diagrams, this book gives you dimensional diagrams of the wire routing plus pictures of the looms so that you can see exactly where the wires are situated in the car, where clips & connectors go, and what they look like. Includes color codes for wires.

1967 Ford Mustang Chassis Assembly Manual Reprint

1967 Ford Mustang Chassis Assembly Manual Reprint

This reprinted manual gives you exploded views of mechanical parts, and includes original part numbers. Use this manual to help you disassemble or reassemble the chassis, and/or to help identify parts that may be missing or incorrect.

1967 Mustang Sheet Metal Weld & Sealant Reprint Assembly Manual

1967 Mustang Sheet Metal Weld & Sealant Reprint Assembly Manual

This reprinted manual gives you exploded views of the body of your car, which you can use to help you repair body damage. You will find out how to attach sheet metal parts to the frame; you will see assembly diagrams for fenders, quarter panels, wheelhouse, door hinges & doors, trunk hinges, trunk lid, roof rails, roof moldings, and roof panels.